French lessons for foreigners

I rather use practical exercises and situations to develop the written and oral skills.
I work mainly with authentic documents (news, recent press articles …) but also from radio and television programs or videos ….

Teaching materials

Personal and professional situations are at the heart of the learning process and are covered by various topics such as :


  • Pronunciation
  • Grammar review and analysis
  • Conversation (discuss a chosen topic).
  • Oral comprehension
  • Written exchanges (letters, emails)
  • Conversations over the phone
  • Presentation of your company or organization
  • Speech preparation with the appropriate vocabulary
  • Job interview preparation

« Indoor » learning modules

On site module : One to One sessions

In the company premises or at home. Customized sessions of 1 to 2 hours according to the defined schedule. Note that a minimum duration of 1:30 per session is recommended.

On site module by group of 2 to 6 people.

On the company site. Customized sessions of 1/2 day according to the defined schedule.

« Outdoor » learning module

During 2 to 3 hours, I will help you manage your « day-to-day » activities and help you improve your communication skills and relationships with :


  • your neighbours
  • the shopkeepers and merchants
  • your bank and any kind of Administration
  • Together, we will discover
  • The french gastronomy
  • The regional cultural heritage

Tailored french language lessons to suit individual requirements. Learners can choose different modules according to their level, what they are aiming for and within a realistic time sphere.

Before starting, I will evaluate your level and note your requirements and objectives using as a bench mark the the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFRL).

The Common European Framework divides learners into three major goups that can be divided into six levels. For each level, there is a description of what a learner should be able to do achieve when reading, listening, speaking and writing.

A level – Basic user : divided in A1, A1+ and A2.
B level – Independant user : divided in B1 and B2
C level – Proficient : divided in C1 and C2
Some intermediate levels of teaching will be applied within these levels.

How long does it take to reach the upper level ?

For your information, here is the result of educational studies made for different languages. It indicates roughly the number of hours that are required to reach the next level to go from one level to another.

LevelCan be reached in ... hour classesCumulated learning classes
Beginner A180 to 100 h80 to 100 h
Basic intermediate
+ 100 to 120 h180 to 200 h
Independant intermediate
+ 150 to 180 h350 to 400 h
Independant upper intermediate
+ 200 to 300 h600 to 650 h
Effective operational proficiency
+ 250 to 300 h850 to 900 h
Proficiency C2his level needs dedicated learning sessions with adapted durations
Source : The International Center for Educational studies

Educational contents

Choose your level

Basic user

CEFRL levels : A1 and A2

A1 level, Breakthrough or beginner

Exchanging any written or oral information is difficult or impossible for you.
I will help you acquire the basic vocabulary, discover French pronunciation, so that you can begin to communicate on a simple level and express basic concerns and needs.

A1+ level, Discovery level

You can understand and express simple questions, fill in forms with keywords. Your written expression is very limited.
I will allow you to enrich your vocabulary so that you can write messages with a specific goal, to be understood by people listening attentively, ask for information, order a meal …

A2 level, Intermediate level

You can formulate simple sentences and understand the essentials of a conversation when speaking slowly. You are familiar with the conjugation of most common verbs in the present, future and past tenses.
I will help you improve your expression and listening skills, your ability to express yourself in everyday situations. We will work on the syntax of simple sentences while improving your vocabulary.

Independant user

CEFRL levels : B1 and B2

B1 Level « intermediate »

You are already able to understand a conversation as well as written texts. You can express yourself in familiar situations and have some grammar knowledge.
I will work with you to build more complex sentences, using different grammar modules and tenses. I will help you to express yourself more confidently and expand your vocabulary.

B2 Level « Upper intermediate »

Your written or oral communication is fluid but still sober. You can express yourself spontaneously. You can discuss easily and precisely. You write e-mails, reports, instructions using a simple and direct language.
I will teach you to express yourself with more nuance and ease, to use more complex grammatical constructions and to enrich your vocabulary with idiomatic and common phrases.

Proficient user

CEFRL levels C1 and C2

C1 level « Effective operational proficiency »

You can discuss complex and familiar topics. You have good knowledge of grammar and a good lexical repertoire. You understand almost everything you hear without effort. You write almost like a native French speaker.
I will familiarize you with different accents, work with you to discover specific themes to further expand your vocabulary.

C2 level « proficiency »

You communicate naturally and you can exchange in all types of situation. You can write about any subject within the limits of your general knowledge.
I will still work on your speech, expand your lexical fields and focus on the details you still wish to improve.