My name is Carole Blanc. I propose french tuitions to foreigners who want to learn french and/or develop their knowledge in french language. We can also focus on dedicated professional french language needs.

After my university studies in foreign languages (English, German and Spanish) and business studies and also my Master degree in Marketing Services, I have worked 30 years in international and multicultural companies.

My very good knowledge of the international working environment allows me to better understand and help foreign employees and their family structure. This experience also convinced me that I wanted to keep working in an international environment, to transmit, to help foreign employees towards a better and faster integration in France.

For whom it may concern

You are a foreigner and french is not your mother tongue. You communicate easily in french and can discuss any topic. Nevertheless, when preparing a speech or a presentation in the french language or a workshop animation, you do not feel 100% confident and need some assistance.

I will help you enrich your level of communication focusing on the following points :

Improvement of your written texts or powerpoint presentation or any related matter to the above.

The correction of the grammatical or syntax errors you may have encountered.


We will introduce some language subtilities that you were previously not aware of. We will carry out a full presentation preparation review so that your speech is spontaneous and fully understandable as if you were a French native.

You are a foreign employee and work for a company based in  La Ciotat and around ? You belong to the family of this foreign employee ? You are a professional sportsman or woman and want to discover the delightful region of Provence ?

If so, you are all concerned and I’ll be more than happy to visit the Provence interesting places with you, while teaching you some french vocabulary and helping you in your pronunciation.

You are a company with foreign employees and look for someone to go to your premises to teach them french?

You are a foreigner and live in La Ciotat area ? You are looking for a teacher to learn french?

Teaching material

I rather use practical exercises and situations to develop the written and oral skills.

I work mainly with authentic documents (news, recent press articles …) but also from radio and television programs or videos ….

Personal and professional situations are at the heart of the learning process and are covered by various topics.

I propose Indoor modules. Those sessions can take place in the company premises or at your home address. You can take private lessons or goup learning.

I also propose outdoor modules. I will help you manage your « day-to-day » activities and help you improve your communication skills and relationships with your neighbours, the shopkeepers and merchants, your bank and any kind of Administration. Together we can also visit interesting places in the region while learning french.

Before starting, I will evaluate your level and note your requirements and objectives using as a bench mark the the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFRL).

Depending on your level, I will help you acquire the basic vocabulary, discover french pronunciation, so that you can begin to communicate on a simple level and express basic concerns and needs.

I will allow you to enrich your vocabulary so that you can write messages with a specific goal, to be understood by people listening attentively, ask for information, order a meal …

I will help you improve your expression and listening skills, your ability to express yourself in everyday situations. We will work on the syntax of simple sentences while improving your vocabulary.

I will work with you to build more complex sentences, using different grammar modules and tenses. I will help you to express yourself more confidently and expand your vocabulary.

I will teach you to express yourself with more nuance and ease, to use more complex grammatical constructions and to enrich your vocabulary with idiomatic and common phrases.

I will familiarize you with different accents, work with you to discover specific themes to further expand your vocabulary.

I will still work on your speech, expand your lexical fields and focus on the details you still wish to improve.

If you require private tuition, sessions can take place in your company premises or at your home address, mainly in Marseille, Aubagne, La Ciotat and Aix en Provence